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eVirtualWebHost.com is reinventing customer satisfaction by making customer support our priority. With over seven years in ecommerce, we have developed extensive knowledge in support.

Our highly skilled team will configure, monitor and manage your hosting account 24/7 and be there when any problem may arise.


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Our state-of-the-art data centers are comprised of ultra high-quality connectivity, networking gear, climate control, security and power systems. Our facilities are monitored 24/7/365 from our state-of-the-art network operations center and if a problem arises, we are here to help you!

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FFMPEG hosting Enabled in our servers!


Reseller Web Hosting


In our opinion, this is the ONLY serious server solution.




FFMPEG Hosting is special hosting for online video sharing web sites. FFMPEG convert video to flv format or any video format.

FFMPEG Hosting support requirements for YouTube clone script, includes ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, flvtool, Libogg, Libvorbis, LAME MP3 Encoder, Mplayer and Mencoder.

Our Servers MINIMUM specs:

  • Minimum Pentium 4 Series 2.4+

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM

  • Unmetered Private Bandwidth

  • 24x7 Human Monitoring

  • Instant HUMAN intervention

  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) installed to prevent hackers

  • Running the latest most stable PHP 5.2.4

  • Stable Linux servers with stable APACHE MySql 4.1.22

  • FFMPEG. ffmpeg-php, flvtool2, Libogg, Libvorbis, LAME MP3 Encoder, Mplayer and Mencoder(Video Streaming, Video converting)hosting enabled (Video Streaming, Video converting)hosting enabled

  • Fantastico Deluxe certified servers

  • OS : CentOS 4

  • the famous Cpanel

  • Our network is comprised of connectivity from several leading Internet backbone providers and enables us to achieve 99% network uptime for our customers. These providers have been carefully chosen to give us the most diverse connectivity possible. The Worldcom/UUNET, Level3 and Sprint backbones over multiple DS3 circuits per provider give us the capacity to host even the largest bandwidth intensive applications. Using the BGP4 routing protocol with each of our providers ensures that the most efficient available path will be taken for your Internet traffic.

    Click below to view a screen shot of the cPanel control panel:

    cPanel Screen shot - PNG file
    cPanel screen shot - JPG file (If your browser doesn't support PNG).


    300 MB of Disk Space
    3.000 MB of Bandwith
    MS FrontPage
    CGI, PHP, ASP, SSI, Pop3
    Optional MySQL Database
    500 MB of Disk Space
    5.000 MB of Bandwith
    MS FrontPage
    CGI, PHP, ASP, SSI, Pop3
    2 Optional MySQL Database
    1.000 MB of Disk Space
    1,000 GB of Bandwith
    MS FrontPage
    CGI, PHP, ASP, SSI, Pop3
    4 Optional MySQL Database